Golden State Warriors rocked the la Lakers to sleep Thursday night 108-90. The Lakers were playing while not LeBron James and most of their good players because of a mix of injuries and load management. Meanwhile, the ruling back-to-back champions were taking part in without mercy.

DeMarcus Cousins led the warriors with twenty one points and ten rebounds, outclassing former Warriors center JaVale McGee. Quinn Cook added eighteen points off of the bench, whereas Kevin Durant tallied up fifteen.

First Half

What if I were to inform you that Steph Curry solely had five points within the half and therefore the Warriors committed twelve turnovers, however were blowing the Lakers out by halftime?

The champs jumped out on this fallen from grace version of the Lakers with a vicious fierceness I haven’t seen since I watched “Shark Week”. The Dubs lead ballooned to double digits at once within the first quarter, without Curry scoring one point.

The second quarter featured the Lakers making a mini-run to indicate some pride, however the Dubs weren’t too worried.

Durant led the Dubs with thirteen points once 2 quarters, whereas Quinn Cook added twelve off of the bench, and DeMarcus Cousins put up ten of his own.

Warriors 60, Lakers 42

Second half

At that time the game was just about a wrap, however hey we have a tendency to still had another twenty four minutes on the clock therefore we would additionally keep taking part in, right folks?

And that pretty much sums it all up. I remember once the Shaq-and-Kobe Lakers used to beat up on us like this back once we were awful; I will really say I enjoyed each second of tonight’s beatdown.


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